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Featured California Geology Book

California Geology California Geology
"The ONLY up-to-date textbook on California geology", With California plate tectonics as a central theme, this book is intended to acquaint non-geologists with California geology. Contains examples of catastrophic natural disasters, excerpts from California history, illustrations of mining methods, and discussions of the societal impacts of geologic processes. A book for practicing geologists in California or any region where faults are common....."Price: from $10.00

Other Recommended Titles

Highway Geology of California

Roadside Geology of Northern & Central California:
Don Hyndman and Dave Alt's 2000 work, Roadside Geology of Northern & Central California explores that portion of the state's geology in a series of self guided road trips. Even if you don't plan on taking the tours, the well written book is loaded with well described maps, diagrams, and photos.
Pub. list $20.00, our price $14.00, save 30%
Rockhounding California Rockhounding California:

Although known for its gold production, California is a virtual haven for rock and gem collectors. With this informative guide, you can explore the mineral-rich desert regions, comb tide-washed beaches for jade, agate, abalone, fossilized whale bone, and prospect in the mountains and hills for gold,... .. .. Our Price: $10.36

Storm-Induced Geologic Hazards: Case Histories from the 1992-1993 Winter in Southern California and Arizona.
Price now - $20.00
A land in Motion: California's San Andreas Fault A land in Motion: California's San Andreas Fault
A Land in Motion provides a geologic tour of the San Andreas Fault in an accessible narrative punctuated with dramatic color illustrations, lively anecdotes, and authoritative information about earthquakes. As he tours the length of the fault, Michael Collier provides a valuable overview of plate tectonics and gives a geologic history of the San Andreas Fault written for non-scientists.
Our Price: $17.47
California Rivers and Streams
Reviewer: A reader from Washington DC:,
"I am a hydrologist and a water lawyer practicing in Washington DC -- this is the book I give to clients and friends to explain how rivers work and what people do to them. It assumes an intelligent reader but no background is required to get the main points. While its title and focus is California, the lessons are applicable throughout the country. Great book."
Our Price: $24.95
Assembling California Assembling California:

"A cross-section in human and geologic time, Assembling California is a sweeping narrative of maps in motion, of evolving and dissolving lands......"
Our Price: $11.20

The Age of Gold The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush & the American Dream
Marvelous narrative history of early California, Reviewer: from Charlotte, North Carolina USA "In my opinion, Historian H.W. Brands has outdone himself with this book. The age of Gold is more than just a story about gold - it is a story about early California.
It is easy to say that the history of California starts with the Gold Rush of the 1840's. It would also be easy to say that it starts hundreds of years before that, but Brands focuses on how the gold rush in California really impacted the whole nation."
Our Price: $20.97

New York Times Best-sellers

Geologists and Geology-- The Basics

A Field Manual for the Amateur Geologist

2003 release

Earth: an Introduction to Physical Geology
New 2002 pub., with CD-ROM!

Engineering Geology Practice in Southern California (Special Publication, No. 4

Home Buyer's Guide to Geological Hazards:
Amer. Inst. Prof. Geologists.
The Field Guide to Geology
The Practical Geologist
The Impact of Geology on the United States

The Map That Changed the World:
William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology

You can now conduct an online search for USGS geologic map coverage in California
(and throughout the nation). Click their logo below to begin your search.

Searchable database for geologic maps throughout the USA

Visit the California Geological Survey Book Shop

Links to California Geology Information

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Kids' Korner


Earthsteps: A Rock's Journey Through Time
"This book is a great way for kids to learn about geology, with a fun storyline. I loved following the rock as it embarked on a journey through time, and the illustrations were are just beautiful. I would reccommend this book for all ages, as it is fun and proves to be a great resource for geological information!" only $12.57

Rock Polisher Deluxe Rock Polishing Kit Does a quality job of polishing stones. Lighter motor than other models. Besides tumbler, kit contains polishing rock, 4 grades of polishing abrasives, jewelry findings, and booklet entitled "A Guide for Rock Polishers".

National geographic kids National Geographic KIDS Magazine a colorful monthly magazine created especially for curious kids. Novelty and hands-on learning make a winning combination that has captivated nearly one million readers for more than 20 years. Specially priced here at just $17.95 annual. **Save 49% now**

Dinosaur Puzzle Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur 3-D Wooden Puzzle
B.C. Bones 3-D puzzle kits are made from 51 to 63 pieces of premium Balticbirch. All parts are interlocking- no hardware or glue required. Each kit comes with reconstruction map, wooden rock hammer, and sandpaper.

Dinosaur Encyclopedia The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia
Grade 5-10-"A chronology of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings in a primordial sea to a brief look at the Tertiary and Quaternary (including a quick flick into human evolution). Divided into broad subjects ("The Age of Ancient Life," "Armored Dinosaurs," etc.), which are again subdivided ("The Burgess Shale," "Triassic animals," etc.), the book focuses on dinosaurs, but provides a broad spectrum of other life-forms and the evolutionary landscapes in which they lived". from $12.99
Best Book of Fossils, ROcks, and Minerals The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks and Minerals
"This book was and is a big hit with my four-year-old. Clear, easy-to-understand text and big, bright illustrations make the book accessible to young readers. It is neatly formatted into two-page "chapters" focusing on specific topics, which makes it easy for him to "look up" whatever he's interested in that particular day. It also has useful tips for starting a rock collection, and (important for parents) convenient ways to store said collection. I recommend this book to any parent with a child interested in any aspect of geology". only $10.36

The Complete "Roadside Geology" Series
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